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Scottish History
History is important to learn from the past and not to repeat the same mistakes. It is important to Scotland as our Anglicised Universities and Colleges are less than sympathetic to our own history. Our teachers cannot teach our children that which they do not know. A country without a memory of its own past has no present and little hope for the future. The past is the father of the present and the present is the father of the future. Labour is openly hostile to history as part of the school curriculum in Scotland, claiming it could lead to nationalism. It has no qualms in prompting British Nationalism at every level. We will do our best to provide articles here and recommend other articles.
Irish History
Most Scots know little of neighbouring Irish history and even less of Welsh history. Yet we are familiar with English history as if it were our own. The reasons for this should be self evident. This is deliberate and meant to foster sectarianism and ignorance. The two go hand in hand. The British ruling classes are schooled in classical history where divide and rule is a classical Imperial concept. This has been practiced in Ireland and to a lesser extent in Scotland. Time to fight back and show sectarianism the door. James Connolly was the greatest Scots preacher to go to Ireland since Saint Patrick.
Welsh History

Cornish History
A place for our Celtic cousins in Cornwall to discuss their ongoing struggle with Westminster, and to share their history with us.
John MacLean
Due to the amount of information that we are starting to accumulate on the Great Scottish Revolutionary, John MacLean we have decided to give the man his own section. This, we hope, will make it more easier for you to find what you're looking for or to ask a question.
Red Clydesiders
Heres a place to talk about and debate about other issues that were happening in Red Clydeside at the time of John MacLean.
Robert Burns
A place to discuss the Republican Robert Burns, not the one portrayed by the Unionist London establishment.
William Wallace
Scotlands' greatest hero, a name that has been passed down by many generations of Scot's to another. Wallace a name that Robert Burns and the Great John MacLean ofted quoted.
Act of Union 1707
Needs no introduction, we were bought and sold for English gold, Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation
Wars of Independence 1296-1328
The sack of Berwick, the removal of the Stone of Destiny, Scone Palace 1306, Bannockburn, Declaration of Arbroath 1320, The Treaty of Northampton 1328 these are just some of many events that happened during the Scottish Wars of Independence. Why not discuss them here ?
Jacobites 1688-1746
Did the Stuarts really want to dissolve the Act of Union 1707 and the effects this has on the Scottish society today.
1820 Radical Uprising
The 1820 Radical Uprising which led to Andrew Hardie, James Wilson and John Baird becoming Scottish Martyrs, many others were transported to Australia. This is the sort of history we wereen't taught in our schools.
1797 Scottish Insurrection
A place to discuss the events leading up to the Scottish Insurrection of 1797 and the events that happened after it.
Nan Milton
Nan Milton daughter of John MacLean was a political activist all her life, She wrote many fine articles and was the author of "In the Rapids of Revolution". As we work our way through our archives Nan's contributions will be able to be found here.
John MacLean Society
The John MacLean Society was formed in 1968 to promote the works and educate a new generation to the life of John MacLean
Highland Clearances
A place to discuss The Highland Clearances and the effects that this had on Scottish society and how it effects us now.
Celtic League
This forum is for discussing all matters relating to the Celtic League including Events and Press Releases.
International Affairs
This is the place to discuss all other international affairs which don't involve the Celtic nations.
Announcements and Events Calendar
Know an event that's happening? Then here's the place to advertise it.
We may be unique in having a media set up totally hostile to the nation it is supposed to serve. Some are externally owned and the native owners are an absolute disgrace. We invite you to send news reports and comments from your local, national and international press, radio and TV. Here is an alphabetical url list of Scottish newspapers.
Brit of the Month
Brit Watch
A place to keep watch on those Brits who would sell us short for a Knighthood or some other English title.
Photos and graphic library
A place to share pictures from past and present rallies
Forum Rules
All views are the views of the individual poster and not the SRSM, or the forum management. We do not mind anyone having differing views, or politics, as long as they are prepared to be civil. Bad language and personal abuse will NOT be tolerated.
News, history, learning and information. News, history, learning and information. ‘mi-run ṃr nan Gall’ is the Gaelic expression for the "Great Hatred" shown to Gaels and the language. Even educated, liberal, people can show irrational hatred. Witness the British left hatred for the language. "Gaelic, pipes, tartan, shortbread and 'aggis" are the stereotypical reactions to put down anything to do with Scotland, cultural, historical and political. Gaelic speakers are no more against Urdu, Polish, etc, than than Poles, Asians, etc, are to the Gaelic language. The Brit left even try that in their divide and conquer arguments to save the British State. Even bilingual signs brings out the hatred and irrationality. "Cost" is one argument against. How much did it cost in money, blood and tears to extirpate the language? Gaelic place names abound from the north of Scotland to the borders. How the Gaelicphobes must hate our history too. Gaelic is the key to Scottish history, culture and even a place in our future. We need positive discrimination if the language is to survive. We all have to do our bit to turn it round. Hebrew was practically invented in the 19c. Other countries have helped revive their national language.That is one more reason for Independence to restore the jewel in our crown.
Your chance to let off steam on Scottish working class culture and the culture that has been imposed upon us.
For articles of interest and reviews of books, etc.
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