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Laurie Lee
Who was Alan Sillitoe?
Jack London (socialist)
Easter Rising: the first few hours
Bramwell Bronte
Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.
United Irishmen in the North
Radical Poets: Sylvia Plath
Featherstone Rovers..
KES film locations
Graham Greene's BRIGHTON ROCK
Fitzwilliam, West Yorkshire: A Brief History
George Orwell's "Down and Out in Paris and London"
William Golding and Lord of the Flies
Kevin Bryan - Thug and NF Fuhrer!
Chartism's Forgotten Fourth Petition!
Langston Hughes
John Braine's Bradford
Undercliffe Cemetery: Class System After Death in Bradford
Radical Poet: Stevie Smith
Isaac Deutscher
Lindsay Anderson and "Wakefield Express" (1952)
Local News Matters
Notes on Marxism and the Media
Tom Leonard
Tony Harrison
Adrian Mitchell
Radical poets: Ian Hamilton (1936-2001)
Left wing poets: Adrian Mitchell
The Leeds Rent Strike (1914)
The 1960s': The Normanton Rent Strike
Rent Strikes
The Achievements of the '45 Labour Government
The Hungry Thirties
The Wilson Government...1964 to 70
Barry Commoner: Eco-Socialist
The Politics of Coal (1945-80)
Murray Bookchin: Green Socialist
Marxism and Ecology
The Tories and the Miners (1981-84)
Notes: Housing and Class Struggle
The Struggle of the Clay Cross Councillors
The Free/Anti-Universities of New York and London
Speech to Featherstone Massacre Commemoration (6/9/14)
Featherstone Massacre: A Tale of Two Inquests.
Things You Ought to Know About Featherstone!
What led to the rise of the ILP in Bradford?
Rudolf Bahro
George Orwell
The Anglicisation and Rightward Turn of the Scottish Labour
The Miners: from Nationalisation to National Strike
The Miners: Victory in 72 and 74
The Miners..the road to victory in 1972
How the miners won in 1972...
The 1972 Miners' Strike
1945: Labour's "high point"
Prelude to the Miners' Strike
Labour in the early 80's: Foot and Benn
The Myth of Blair's First Term
Labour in the 50's and 60's: Gaitskell and Wilson
Labour in the 70's..Paving the way for Thatcherism..
Spirit of '45? ...Labour in Government (1945-51)
Featherstone Massacre
A Walk Through Featherstone: Site of the infamous Massacre
Utopian Socialists
Celtic Managers from Maley to Stein
The ILP: Why did it rise in Bradford?
Political Riots in 18th century England.
Feminism: Debating the Cause of Womens Oppression
Why don't workers revolt?
The Political Economy of Health Care
Georg Lukacs: Founder of Western Marxism?
The Marxist ideas of Herbert Marcuse
The Life and Thought of Theodor Adorno
Critical Theory: Notes on Habermas
The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory
The Life of Fenner Brockway
Review: The search for the Socialist Republic Adrian Grant,
The Marxism of Georg Lukacs
The Marxism of Herbert Marcuse
Sweden is So Green It Has to Import Garbage
What do socialists believe?
The Marxism of Theodor Adorno
Caught in the Crossfire - Russell Findlay
Notes on Marx/Engels and the National Question
China: Market Socialism or Capitalist Restoration?
China and Socialism
Greece and the Left
The Cuban Revolution: How Batista Fell
The Cuban Revolution
The Politics of Che Guevara
Is Cuba Socialist?
James Kelman — On Self-Determination
William Wilberforce: Humanitarian or Reactionary?
The Story of the National Unemployed Workers' Movement
Trotsky and the Formation of the Fourth International
Lenin on Stalin
Notes on Trotsky in Exile
Anarchism, Society and the State
Lenin: His Early Life
Che Guevara: His Early Life
Notes on Lenin and the State
Notes on Trotsky
Workers and the Bolshevik State (October 1917 to March 1921)
The Luddites
Britain, the CIA and the Greek Colonels
A Short History of Anarchism
Notes on Anarchism
Antonio Gramsci: His Early Years
Myths about Morris
Radical Movements: Who were the Ranters?
Gramsci and the Red Years
William Morris (1834-1896)
The Story of the Independent Labour Party
Retired Terrorist
secret america
british behaviour in kenya
100 years of bombing Lybia.
Secret memo: Nationalists in Scotland posed terror threat
London feared terrorist threat of ‘Tartan Army’
Radical History: The Kinder Scout Trespass
Great Documentary - Chagos Islands.
Notes on Marx in London
Notes on Lenin's Early Life (including his time in London)
scottish left review
Cyprus and the CIA
The Digger & History Scotland
Henry Drucker Breakaway
Notes on the Political Situation in Cyprus
The Featherstone Massacre
Karl Marx: His Life and Thought (Part 2)
The Longest Strike in History: The Burston Strike School
Donald Dewar - 10 years dead. A Scottish Republican review.
scottish left review
Karl Marx: His Early Life
The Cornish: A History of Struggle
Lenin: Changing Views and Local Conditions
Radical History: The Levellers
Radical History: The Dripping Riots
The Struggle Against Fascism: How Mosley Was Stopped!
Scotland: Some notes on the "Scoto-Norman" Period
Robert Bruce: His Role in the Struggle for Scottish Freedom
Being English in Scotland
A Very Scottish Death - (Article on White Settlers)
Alexander III: Was his reign a Golden Age?
John Davies on the Romans in Scotland
Simon Schama on the Wars of Independence
Robert Owen (1771-1858): Socialist Pioneer
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