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MSPs banned from Dungavel
Anti-nuclear protests on the Clyde
Boris and the fire service cuts
Ian Blackford is SNPs new Westminster leader
Bernstein: Father of Socialist Revisionism
Trotsky in exile in France
Catalan independence referendum on 1 October
Problems of the Left Opposition
The inauspicious beginnings of the Fourth International
Germany: how left divisions let in Hitler
Labour rely on Tories to stay in power in North Lanarkshire
1984 -written (typed!) by George Orwell on Jura
George Orwell
The Origins of the Fourth International
Syndicalism and the Great Unrest
Reforming the Comintern -why Trotsky changed his mind
The Great Unrest: the Miners' Strike of 1912
Transitional Programme
Chechnya: stop anti-gay state killings
Tom Mann and Syndicalism
Syndicalism and the Miners' Next Step
Len McCluskey scrapes back in...
The Great Unrest: The Transport Strikes of 1911
Labour Unrest 1910-14
A E Reade: Britain's first Trotskyist
Bevanism in the 50s
Bureaucratisation and the Soviet State
What is syndicalism? did he end up leader?
The Young Trotsky
The Early Lenin: His critique of Populism
What was the Plebs League?
The early years of Syndicalism..
The Origins of Syndicalism...
EU: A reminder who voted to remain and who voted to leave!
Meeting on Socialism and World War One at Red Shed (1 April)
Short talk on Maclean and World War One at Red Shed (1/4/17)
Stalin and socialism in one country!
Hungary..what led to 1956...
Soft drinks bottles: 7% recycled.
Trump's approval ratings slump
Only a quarter of Scots trust UK government
Le Pen in Moscow
George Osborne rakes it in...
Labours membership is falling
Labour Governement and the workers...1974-79
Far right thwarted in Holland
Sean Graham Bookmakers Atrocity and State Collusion
Barry Hines
Spanish Civil War
The 45 Labour Government
Bolshevik Revolution
Ralph Miliband: on Soviet interventions..
The Wilson Government (72-74)
Labour in the early 50's:"fratricidal conflict"
Labour in the early 60's: fight and fight again..
Brit left fantasies about Brexit!
POUM and the Spanish Civil War
Russia decriminalises domestic violence
Centenary of Sinn Fein's Republican Constitution
Brookeborough Raid
Fishing and farming: will May rat on devolution promise?
Corbyn speaks to half empty hall!!
Scottish Labour in financial crisis
Dave Anderson: Labour's Lord Lucan
Corbyn speaks in Perth to a Labour Party in crisis
Notes: Anarchism and the Spanish Civil War
What was POUM?
Jeff Sessions: US Attorney General and racist bigot
LGBT writers: Somerset Maugham
The Revolutionary Burns
The Bolshevik Revolution
What happened to Alan Turing?
UNITE Election campaign..who is standing...
Franco and unlikely friendship?
Trump and Pence attack abortion rights worldwide
AWL argues for nuclear power
Remember Canon Kenyon Wright
Library provision under attack...
Coyne: Right wing candidate for UNITE's top job
AWL attacks Corbyn's backing for Article 50
Daphne du Maurier
Oscar Wilde
Obama: how did he do?
DUP rats on Irish language agreement
US agencies say climate change continues unabated!
Len McCluskey..the riddle
Eight billionaires own half the world!
Lansman stages a coup at Momentum
Scotland's wind turbines set electricity generation records
BHS workers forced to turn to charity
Royals should pay up for Palace
McDonnell bottles it on the Palace
Glasgow -vegan city???
Galloway's Respect Party folds.
Knighthood for Cameron's Better Together crony!
Left makes headway in Spain
Artic Ice Cover at record low
Death of Polisario Front leader.
Pregnant women to get free vitamins
Communism on St Kilda
Tolpuddle and the fight for justice
Panama Papers and the Chinese CP
What is a universal basic income (UBI)?
The Cameron's Family Wealth!
What is a universal basic income?
Brexit hypocrisy on the NHS
The Yorkshire Rebellion
Story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs
Blair rakes it in!
The Tolpuddle Martyrs
Is Norway a model?
What does Donald Trump stand for?
Europe..debate heats up on the Brit left!
Mental Health..the truth behind the extra billion
Whatever happened to Euro-Communism?
The Life of Brian and Leaving the EU!
Putin's authoritarian rule
Moral Victory for Sanders
Anne Franks's stepsister lambasts Trump!
Britain's military top brass -even more white!
Opposition to Trident..stronger in Scotland.
Better Together? Rail fares rocket in Britain!
Great year for renewables in Scotland!
Wilson says avoid BSE!
Shameful Greek Communist Stance on LGBT rights!
New Catalan President to push for independence!
Woodhouse Moor in Leeds
Tunnocks goes Brit
Speech on Land Reform to Ard Fheis
The Parnell Sisters: Anna and Fanny
Dr Kathleen Lynn
Kilmainham: the early years
Why did the 1798 Rebellion fail?
Grace Gifford
Film review: Suffragette
Scottish Government considers tightening hunting ban!
Cameron heckled in York!
England's North South divide widens!
Historic gains by Corsican Nationalists!
Labour MP claims expenses to rent house next door
SNP backs local rent controls
Better Together? UK economy hit by manufacturing slump
My political defence -v- criminal tweets charge
Syriza looks set to eject former Finance Minister
Unionist Mone is now Tsar
Start up tsar used tax avoidance scheme
Families fight Chilcot delays!
Vietnam after the Americans left!
Lord Coke quits -now abolish the Lords!
Labour right still in a panic!
Keir Hardie would back the SNP.
Royalty and the far right -it goes back a long way!
Labour right plans a coup
Greece Update
Straw citicises Government's indyref letter
Greece Update
Calls for Public Inquiry into Blacklisting.
Brit Left and the EU Referendum
Fans right to buy their own clubs!
Knighthood for pay day loan boss!
Cheap booze for MPs
SNP builds on support
Global warming: no slow down
Renegotiating in Europe -last time round!
Latest on the Labour leadership election
Up the Republic!
Why Murphy had to go!
Blairites -back from the dead!
Prince Charles lobbied for badger cull!
The scale of the SNP victory!
Why did the SNP win?
All in it together?...the Bankers!
Slowest recovery in living memory!
All in it together? The case of the rich
Sturgeon says more seats means more power for Scotland
Support in Dorset for the SNP!
Leanne Wood shines in campaign!
North of England takes up the challenge
Murphy slapped down by London Labour
Ending Tweedledee and Tweedledum
Obituary to Seamus Reader
Sturgeon wins praise from Labour left in England
Fatal Accident Inquiry for Willie McRae
MPs still on the make!
Ex- Labour chief calls on socialists to vote SNP
Prince Charles and his housing crisis
Prince Charles: Property Magnate
Why the English struggle to see a GP!
Panic in Westminster
Gordon Wilson predicts another referendum!
Referendum inspires Northern devolution!
Austerity and the crisis at A&E's in England
Better Together? Falling living standards in the UK
London does best out of UK!
IBEC defends low pay and zero hours contracts!
SNP calls for investigation into Labour donations
New Syriza led government gives Greek workers hope!
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